31st International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering | OMAE 2012 | June 10-15, 2012 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


OMAE 2012, Rio de Janeiro, 10-15 June







This page contains information about the Workshop on Verification and Validation (V&V) of CFD for Offshore Flows, to be held during OMAE2012. Information about V&V and the main motivation of this proposal is presented here.


Three test-cases are proposed:


I)                             Code Verification for a 3-D manufactured solution of an unsteady turbulent flow.


II)                         Solution Verification and Validation for the flow around a smooth fixed cylinder.


III)                     Solution Verification and Validation for the flow around a straked-riser.


The goal of this Workshop is to obtain numerical predictions with their respective error/uncertainties. Therefore, results are required for at least 3 different grids and 3 different time steps with a minimum of 6 data points (of the possible 9). Furthermore, grid refinement must be performed in all directions simultaneously and ideally the grids should be geometrically similar. Numerical errors/uncertainties are not exclusively dependent on discretization error. However, round-off and iterative errors should be reducible to negligible levels when compared to the discretization error. In complex turbulent flows, this usually requires the use of 15 digits precision and iterative convergence criteria must be carefully selected to ensure that numerical uncertainties are mainly due to discretization errors. Naturally, solutions provided in a single grid with a single time step are useless for the present exercise.


Contributions to this Workshop include a paper for the V&V Workshop OMAE2012 session describing the calculations of at least one of the proposed test-cases, reply to a questionnaire and data sheets including the requested flow quantities for at least 6 different calculations using at least 3 grids and 3 time steps. The questionnaire and the data sheets can be found in the links (above) to the pages with detailed information about each of the proposed test cases.


The papers should be submitted in the standard framework of the OMAE 2012 Conference. Data sheets and the questionnaire for the comparisons to be presented at the Workshop can be sent to eca@marine.ist.utl.pt until the end of April 2012.


Summary report of the Workshop is available here.