OMAE 2013, Nantes, 9-14 June







This page contains information about the 2nd Workshop on Verification and Validation (V&V) of CFD for Offshore Flows, to be held during OMAE 2013. The first edition of the Workshop was successfully held at OMAE 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. Information about V&V and the goal of these Workshops can be found here.


For the present edition of the workshop four exercises (three geometries) that cover the three activities of V&V are proposed:


I)                             Code Verification:

a)   3-D Manufactured Solution of an unsteady turbulent flow.


II)                         Solution Verification:

a)   Flow around a smooth fixed cylinder.


III)                     Validation:

a)   Flow around a smooth fixed cylinder


b)  Flow around a straked-riser.


As for the first edition, there are no mandatory exercises. However, the goals of the Workshop remain similar to those of the first edition. The purpose of the Code Verification exercise is to enable the check of the correctness of the flow solver (the proposed manufactured solution is suitable for URANS solvers). The goal of the Solution Verification exercise is to check the consistency of numerical solutions obtained with different codes, i.e. to check the overlap of error bars from different numerical solutions of the same mathematical model. The Validation exercises intend to assess the modeling error for a classical and a practical test case.


This means that we will be dealing with numerical error/uncertainties in all test cases (and also with experimental uncertainties in the Validation cases). Therefore, all submissions to the Workshop must provide the numerical uncertainty with a description of the procedure used to obtain it. Alternatively, participants may submit results (with negligible contributions of round-off and iterative errors) for at least 3 different grids and 3 different time steps with a minimum of 6 data points (of the possible 9). Naturally, solutions provided in a single grid with a single time step are useless for the present exercise.


The participation in the Workshop includes three different contributions:


1)  The reply to a questionnaire.


2)  Submission of data sheets including the requested flow quantities.


3)  A formal paper or a technical presentation to be presented at the V&V Workshop sessions.


Papers must be submitted in the standard framework of the OMAE 2013 Conference. Participants that chose technical presentation must submit an abstract (respecting the deadlines of the OMAE 2013 Conference) with the indication of the test case(s) they are performing. The questionnaire and the data sheets can be found in the links (above) to the pages with detailed information about each of the proposed test cases.  Data sheets and the questionnaire for the comparisons to be presented at the Workshop can be sent to until the end of April 2013.


A related Workshop organized by the ITTC will be held in October in Nantes. The Validation exercise for the flow around a smooth fixed cylinder is also included in the test cases of this Workshop. Information is available at ITTC Workshop on Wave Run-up and Vortex Shedding.